Expeditionary Technical Solutions, Inc. (ETSI) has over twenty years of corporate experience that covers the services provider spectrum from hands-on analysis and engineering to senior program and executive management.


ETSI applies unparalleled professional expertise to routine and imposing technical problems. We leverage resident knowledge, experience, and ethics to accomplish our mission.


By operating ethically in all matters, in accordance with corporate values, ETSI will develop both a sterling reputation and a solid customer base.  These attributes will add value to the company’s current support of Department of Defense projects and facilitate its expansion into additional government and commercial information technology projects.


ETSI strives to be an ethical company and believes in honesty and integrity in every aspect of its business.  Not only do customers trust ETSI, but also employees within the corporation trust each other, leading to a cross-pollinated and synergistic work force.  The company’s policies create an organizational structure that encourages and facilitates employee creativity and initiative while still providing support and counsel when necessary.  Consequently, ETSI’s flexibility, technical reputation and emphasis on employee resourcefulness and independence attracts employees who are in demand as subject matter experts